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How to Fit

As easy as 1, 2, 3

Fitting Waterblade is very easy and straight forward. Please watch the video or follow the simple steps provided.

Unscrew Collar

Unscrew existing collar and remove, making sure to remove washer as well. Removal tool, spanner or grips required. Take care not to scratch collar.

Insert Waterblade

Place Waterblade into collar with washer on top and screw into tap spout. If re using existing collar, push out existing insert and replace with the Waterblade.

Align & Tighten

Align Waterblade across basin and tighten. Making sure to not scratch the collar upon tightening.

Will Waterblade fit my tap?

If yes to all three, then Waterblade is for you. If you have answered no to one of these questions, Waterblade may still be for you. Check out or FAQ to find out more. 

We offer full refunds if returned unused in original packaging and condition.


Kitchen M22 Fitting

Some taps have internally threaded collars. Waterblade can be fitted to these but you need to reuse the existing collar. Sometimes you cannot even see that there is a removable collar.

Before and After Fitting Comparisons

Below we’ve supplied before and after photos of various types of tap fittings to help see how The Waterblade can fit for you. Simply slide the handle across the image to see.

pushtap_before pushtap_after
mixertap_before mixertap_after
mixertap2_before mixertap2_after
mixertap3_before mixertap3_after
twisttap_before twisttap_after
mixer_m22_before mixer_m22_after
mixertap4_before mixertap4_after

Free Sample!

We’re so confident in our products ability to save you both money and water we offer free samples for commercial clients. Simply fill out the form below to claim your free sample.