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Frequently Asked Questions


Find some of our most frequently asked questions below.

Waterblade fits most mixer taps whose nozzles are the size of a 10p coin, see our guide to be sure.

No, just an adjustable spanner or special fitting tool available in our shop, then follow the instructions.

If your usage is typical, £25 to £75 per year on water and water heating bills. This amount varies because water and gas cost different amounts in different regions. How often your tap is used shall also make a difference as well as other factors, such as the age of your boiler.
Waterblade is great at washing and rinsing, but slow to fill your kettle.

You may, yes, but you shall waste less water waiting than before, and levels of cold water discomfort are also reduced, so you can use the water sooner.

Some boilers have an eco setting where no hot water is stored, it is heated on demand. Waterblade works better with this setting switched off.

Simple DIY skills, use of spanner is required.
Yes, Waterblade is great at washing and rinsing, ideal for Bathroom basin taps and Wash-room taps.
You may not have enough pressure to make the Waterblade work, the minimum pressure required is 0.3 bar, or 3m head, the top of the water in your tank needing to be 3m or more above the tap in question.

At the low flow of around 2.5 Litres per minute nothing does a better job of washing and rinsing than the Waterblade.

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