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Save 50% on Your Water Costs




What is Waterblade?

‘Waterblade is a water saving device that saves 50% on your water costs and 30% on energy costs.  It fits quickly to most mixer taps, optimising flow into a sheet of water that is great for washing and rinsing.

Waterblade helps companies and consumers become more sustainable for the Race to Zero.

Save Water

Dramatically reduce the water you use in your basin, by up to 75%.

Save Money

The Waterblade saves you money on your water bill and your water energy bill. It therefore typically paying for itself in under 3 months.

Easy Installation

Simple, easy and pain-free installation. Just follow the instructions provided to be set up in no time.



Waterblade saves you money, water, energy and carbon across a wide range of washroom environments.  Join our blue chip clients in a range of sectors, saving money and energy off their bills.


Waterblade can save you money at home. Nothing washes and rinses so well using so little water.



Free Sample!

We’re so confident in our products ability to save you both money and water we offer free samples for commercial clients. Simply fill out the form below to claim your free sample.